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We design, write, realize, produce and relieve

Trade fair canceled but the stand has already been designed by the stand builder and is available as a 3D file?

Make it usable now and make this individual stand available to your visitors online  ̶  as a 360° functional model or as a FreeMove3D real-time world. Ask us!

Of course, we have divided ourselves up to minimize risks: The employees switch between working from home and being present at the site, and they all take turns with each other, so that we have a slightly higher level of protection despite the spacious individual offices.

We can be reached normally during business hours via the switchboard on +49 6434 9441-0 or by e-mail.

What can we do for you?


  • Overview
  • Technical Journalism
  • Web-Design
  • Layout & Design
  • Exhibition Projects
  • Services

Even though the word „Full-Service-Agency” sounds really vast and complex it actually means something quite simple: We do (almost) anything for you, because we cover the full range of print- and online advertising. No matter if you need just a flyer, a new website, content, technical journalism or even a catalogue, we do it!

We provide you with professional advice, establish concepts and take care of design, content production and realization. We happily deal with your exhibition projects as well and accompany you during trade fairs.

Within our full-service framework we also offer managing and overseeing print-production in collaboration with reliable print-shops and publishers in media. If you already work with a designer to create your projects we can provide you with print-handling services in close cooperation with your design-office.

Technical journalism

Product introduction, application report, succuss-story, technical article

-for technical press or web

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The first impression is important - that is the same with the internet!

Especially for the modern "always-online"-user you have to be suitable present.

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Layout & Design

Even today classic "advertising on printed matter" is still an important marketing means.

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Print Handling

We support you to find a suitable print shop, with top quality for reasonable prices.

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Exhibition Projects

We support you with planning and organizing, booth design, preparations for your booth builder, creating promotion material and take care of the postprocessing as well.

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Mediaplanning and -circuit? Giveaways? Mailing-Service? Mailings? We support you.

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Technical journalism - the multi-functional marketing device

Product introduction, application report, success-story, technical article

Every company, even small and medium-sized ones, can report about their recently developed solutions, new products and ideas.

If as content for the website or in their social media channel, to be used in sales activities or as an information for the technical press and according portals:

from Google to Editor "news" are vital, desired to be published an read by Readers/Users.

We produce the manuscripts for you and prepare them for the desired utilization.

Also, we take care of publication in technical journals/publisher´s online portals and organize press- and editor days.

With our know-how we arrange that the content reaches the right channels to deploy its interdependent effects.

Website, AdWords

At a business appointment, you never get a second chance to make a first impression―that is the same with the internet!

The website nowadays is often the first point of contact for a potential customer.

A user expects an appealing design as well as functionality and a clear, easy to navigate structure for quick information gathering. Very often the first impression of a website is the key for the decision to contact a company or just move on to the next page.

We take care of:

  • Design according to briefing or CI-specifications
  • Web development―optimal adaption of your website to corporate needs
  • Responsive Webdesign―for mobile devices
  • AdWords―optimisation and adaption

Catalogues, Leaflets and more

Even today classic "advertising on printed matter" is still an important marketing means.

The general advantage is haptics. You can grab it, feel the surface and it works without electricity. Thus you pay it higher attention.

Though today it gets harder to push through against the glaring and flashy electronic advertising means.

Therefore it is important to create your catalogue, flyer, leaflet etc. as something special to stand out against the electronic means.

We design your print advertising and realize it as something very individual!

We take care of:

  • Design & Layout
  • Foreign language typesetting
  • Proofreading
  • Data check
  • Print handling

Exhibition Projects and Promotion Material

To enable a successful presentation of your products and services at trade fairs your participation should be planned and organized very careful.

We accompany you before, during and after the exhibition and support you with planning and organizing, booth design, preparations for your booth builder, creating promotion material and take care of the postprocessing as well.

Furthermore we have the opportunity to build your booth in 3D and create a game-style online-experience which enables your clients to “walk by” anytime to collect information.

We take care of:

  • Design
  • Production guidance
  • Design of promotional material
  • FreeMove3D®


Giveaways: No matter what you need, pens, bags, notepads, calendar … we find the best manufacturer/wholesaler for you and create a design that fits your needs.

Mailing-Service: We process your printmailings and deliver them directly to your clients.

Mailings: rely on us for in time realization of your direct-mail or email campaign.

We take care of:

  • Giveaways, layout, ordering
  • Assembling, addressing



Press and Media Relations

  • Writing and publishing technical articles
  • Cooperation with editorial departments
  • Ad- / Online-Design
  • Media consulting, media planning and booking

Write once, use multiple times


3D-models, walkable in game-style and always online

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AdWords-optimization / handling

Roll Ups and Displays

For exhibition or inhouse-events

Christmas Cards

Example Christmas Card Example Christmas Card

With relief varnish, hot foil stamping and much more

Add / Online Design

Add Design – following your briefing or CI-specifications

Media Planning

Media consulting, planning and booking

Music, Artwork and Storage Media

  • CD/DVD production, with data or recordable; or cover;
  • Transfer of the artist’s drawing, layout and design,
  • production with glassmaster
  • dgipack, digifile, and much more
  • Event equipment like flyer, poster, vouchers


Creation of European site

Adaption to US parent company site (


OnePage website with card-based-design

Hairdream by E. K.

Design/programming of company homepage

Praxisgemeinschaft für Physiotherapie

Website creation for physiotherapists

Ferienhaus Moselhang

OnePage website for a holiday home

Idsteiner Hexenmarkt

Modernization of the old website and integration of the departments into the main website

Schaaf Technologie GmbH

Update of the website with a fresh design


OnePage Website


Update of the website to new CI


OnePage Website

Rise-Tec Leitern

OnePage Website


OnePage Website

PT Maschinenbau

OnePage Website

and much more

  • Product signs
  • Door hanger, customized or standard
  • Stickers
  • Letterheads, envelopes, signs and much more

More than 45 years experience

The Team

We are a team of 5 with the task to plan and realize your advertising activities. As a full-service-agency we are working in 2. generation and have been active since more than 40 years now.

In our agency, we attach great importance to family atmosphere and teamwork. When everyone grants some of their abilities and ideas into the circle, something big is created!

Together we are effective and realize your ideas and wishes!

For which project can we support you?
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Phone 06434 9441-0
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IHW Broschüre

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